Friday, January 9, 2009

Holga Favorite Picture-2008

Last fall some photos I took during my daughter's visit came out in totally unexpected ways. My favorite Holga camera sticks when I advance the film. I wasn't paying attention to this as I was busy talking with my daughter. The effect I inadvertently created was to run the pictures together as if the entire roll of film was one continous shot. Fortunately the people at the photo lab where I have my film developed are Holga fans and used to people trying different effects so they divided the photos where they thought best. They did a great job. I used Fujichrome which I had cross processed as I like the intense colors the techinque produces.

My daughter outside the Rensselaer N.Y. train station (Albany & Troy NY). This a double exosure and a run on photo. The top of the photo is a picture of my daughter and me standing next to each other. My daughter snapped a photo of us. I only partly advanced the film and then took a photo of her standing in front of a light pole. We were both dressed in dark colors so when I took the picture of her surrounded by light it filled in the area where our dark clothing would have been. And in case anyone was wondering my daughter,a visual arts major, explained this to me.

The photo below is the next photo on the roll. The top part is a double exposure I took of my daughter. The bottom is the top of our heads from the first photo. I put the first photo below it so one can see how the combination of the double exposure, my running the pictures together and selections made at the photo lab left out part of our faces.

I was so intrigued with these photos I had the film put through the machine twice more and asked the photo lab people this time to let the machine decide where the photo cuts should be. The film is a certain length and by selecting the size of the photos,etc the possibilites for different photos is more than I can imagine. I'll put some of them in another entry.


YTSL said...

Love these pictures -- more, more, pretty please! :)

sbk said...

Thank you, thank you. I will put up more. Even though I like the originals bes it's fun to see other possibilites for photos one likes.