Monday, January 5, 2009

Holga Pictures from 2008- Japan

I started looking through 2008 Holga pictures thinking I would do an entry on my top 10 favorite photos of 2008. I soon realized that, duh, I'd already put up most of what I then thought of as my favorite pictures and I now found myself liking some other pictures too. So here are some photos from my Japan trip that I like more now than I did months ago.

Woman waiting for a bus. Taken from a bus window on our ride from Ohara to Kyoto.

On the bus. My daughter making a Japanese school girl photo sign. I had a red filter on this camera lens. I forgot to mention this when I had the roll developed and the machine did some color correction so it's only a little red.

Men trimming trees outside a mortuary in Kyoto.

Girls in traditional and modern clothes performing a water purification rite at a temple in Kyoto. We saw these two several times as we walked around the temple and (again duh) it took me awhile to realize that the girl in the traditional clothes was in men's clothes and wearing them in a very funky nontraditional fashion.

Back at our inexpensive roykan in Kyoto we looked through guides books and made plans for the next day. This photo was taken with a red filter over the lens.


YTSL said...

Great pics! Re the female in traditional men's clothing: did people stare at her -- or are the Japanese too polite to do such? ;b

sbk said...


Thanks for your comments. People didn't stare. I kinda watched her out of the corner of my eye as my daughter kept accusing me of gawking at people. In reality I was intensely looking at them....gawking means your head is thrust forward, your mouth may be open and you stand still.