Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holga Pictures from 2008- Montreal

I've been looking through more Holga pictures I took in 2008. I again surprised myself by seeing photos of Montreal which I quite like that I never gave a second glance to last summer. Perhaps when I looked at the photos soon after my visit there I remembered certain places as highlights of my trip so picked out these pictures first. So looking at my photos months later I see other sights and think to myself oh, yeah, that photo was taken at an interesting angle or time of day or whatever. Anyway, here are more photos of Montreal's Chinatown area.

I didn't tape this Holga very well so got lots of red light leaks on one side of the photos. The restaurant was painted red so the light leak added to the intensity of it's color.

Red roses on a the side of a sign on a pink building.

Early in the morning a man is setting up fruits and vegetables outside his store.

Chinatown is looking a little run down so it was good to see buildings being fixed up behind these painted plywood walls.

Later in the morning a woman is having her fortune told by a sidewalk vendor.

Tammy Coiffures. I took this photo inside a building on the second floor. The Tammy Coiffures sign on the glass door looked into a shop in progress. The building in the background is across a side street and its the side of the hotel where we stayed.


YTSL said...

You definitely have an eye for spotting interesting things -- or making what might seem mundane to others interesting! ;b

sbk said...

Again, thank you, thank you. I think living in a rural area I've had to think of different ways to photograph the mundane because that's what's here.