Thursday, January 15, 2009

Run-Ons and Re-Cuts - Holga Fun

Serious winter has settled in. Today the temperature hovers around -2F (-18C). I thought I might feel warmer if I looked through my photos for pictures of warmer weather. Below are some more pictures of my daughter's fall visit to Vermont. These pictures are from the roll where I ran the shots together and to see different options I had the film run through the machine twice more. I used fujichrome which I had cross processed.

My daughter arrived in Rutland Vermont on a nine passenger commuter plane from Boston. You can see the beginning of the next photo on the right side of the picture.

Re-cut #1. I call this photo Arrival and Departure as the right side of the picture was taken at the Rensselaer (Albany/Troy NY) train station as my daughter was leaving.

Re-cut # 2. Very little of the air strip can be seen. One can see the larger part of the photo is a double exposure taken in the parking lot in front of the train station.

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