Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Empire State Building - Holga

On my recent visit to New York I went out early one morning with my Holgas and took some pictures of and around the Empire State Building. The day was sunny and crisp so I took pictures quickly and then went back to my hotel for breakfast. I thought the morning cold. The same temperature in Vermont I would consider normal for the time of year and would take my time shooting photos.

This picture of the Empire State Building reminds me of the Superman TV show of my youth. In reality the TV show was in black and white and bears little resemblance to the above photo. I took this with expired (03/2007) Kodak Ektachrome which I had cross porcessed.

Empire State Building and 5th Avenue and 33rd Street. Overlap photo where one picture runs into the next.

Another overlap photo. Except for the first photo these pictures were taken with Fujichrome which I had cross processed.

Tall building on 5th Avenue and 33rd.

Overlap photo of the Empire State Building and a building on 5th Avenue.

Empire State Building from my hotel window.


Anna said...

Ok Sarah NOw I can make a comment. I just LOVE those pictures of the NYC buildings you took with Holga. I liked them all, but my favorite was the one that didn't have the Empire state building in it - They are great.

sbk said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks, I had fun taking them. Holgas are so much fun to use too.

Anonymous said...

Awsome pictures!!!!

sbk said...