Monday, February 2, 2009

Lunar New Year Celebration - Lee Young Hee Museum

This past week I attended a fashion show in celebration of the Lunar New Year at the Lee Young Hee Museum of Korean Culture in New York. Madame Lee Young Hee is a designer of traditional Korean clothing, known as hanbok and contemporary clothing based on the hanbok. I have been an admirer of her work for several years so I was excited to see a show of some of her wonderful creations. The fashion show was held at her Museum which isn't very big so everything was "up close and personal".

One of Madame Lee's modern interpretations of the hanbok. The jacket is, I believe, made of mosi which is a ramie fabric. The bodice is an embroidered strip of fabric which is wound around and sewn together. So lovely.

Madame Lee Young Hee on the left and B.J. Seoung, master of ceremonies for the evening, on the right.

A gorgeous embroidered jacket trimmed with fur which was auctioned after the fashion show. The proceeds were to support the Museum.

A beautiful traditional hanbok in gray and pink. The detail on the hanbok is exquisite.

Three of the models lined up along the 'runway' at the end of the show. I didn't take the photos at an angle to be "arty". It was very crowded with many others snapping pictures. I turned the camera at an angle so as not to get in others way and not to take pictures of others taking pictures.

Entrance to the Museum at 2 West 32nd Street in New York. Last August I wrote an entry about the Museum.

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YTSL said...

So you did manage to make it to New York that weekend -- cool! :)