Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Winter Again - Holga

This winter it's difficult to remember which pictures go with what storm. These photos are from the day after last week's mid-week storm (as opposed to the weekend storm). It was a sunny day with clouds which rolled by very quickly. I used fujichrome film which I had cross processed. I like how the cross processing intensified the blues.

This is a run on photo. I advance the film but stop before the next number is in the middle of the view finder.

Double exposure.

The dark blue in the upper left corner was a dark gray cloud. The red is a light leak which Holga's are know for.

Looking up at the sky.

Double exposure tree, cloud, sky.


Regina Marie said...

Thanks for taking a moment to coment on my page..I had to look this up and I'm glad I did-
This is a little of what I read this morning because I didn't know anything about this camera:
"The camera's quality problems have become a virtue among some photographers, with Holga photos winning awards and competitions in art and photography. After appearing in Hong Kong...cameras began to be distributed in the West...using the Holga in particular for it's surrealistic, impressionistic scenes for landscape , still ...."
I musn't clog your comment page...
These photos are gorgeous..just beautiful! I've been fiddling with a cyber sony shot (my first digital) and I'm having a blast. I don't have the lighting thing down that I'd like and am scratching my head over the macro? I'm making some progress though...Have a great day-

sbk said...

Hi Regina Marie,

Thanks so much for your comments. Have fun with your first digital and I think it takes awhile to get the lighting on cameras. I still take photos where the light isn't right. I just keep shooting away....