Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Barn & Cider House - Holga Experiment

One recent sunny afternoon I decided to try a Holga experiment. With a Holga you can shoot either 12 or 16 pictures. I decided to shoot 12 pictures of a local green barn then rewind the film and shoot 16 pictures of a red cider house. The red and the green colors of the buildings were about the same intensity of color. I wanted to see what happened when I shot red over green. It was a fun exercise.

Red cider house over green barn.

I like the red cider house in the left and its image again over the green barn on the right.

I like how this photo is both a clear photo of the cider house and green barn.

Red cider house over green barn.

1 comment:

YTSL said...

Red + green + Holga = blue-ish shades???