Saturday, April 18, 2009

Barn and Corn Field - Holga

Last summer and fall I took many pictures and wrote a few blogs about a favorite barn that sits in the middle of a cornfield. This spring I took some more pictures of the barn sitting in the middle of the field. However in my recent venture into the field the corn stalks were dead and the ground smelled of manure. Well, the mud on my shoes smelled of manure.

Run on photo. Barn over the mountains.

Run on photo. Barn in cornfields.

Run on photo. Barn and barn further away.

Run on photo. Dirt in field, side of barn and farm in the distance.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

You've got me curious now: i.e., what's the proportion of "run on" and other "special effects" photos you're taking vis a vis "regular" ones these days?? Is the proportion/percentage similar to what you're putting up on your blog?

sbk said...

Mostly I'm taking "run on " and other "special effects" with my Holgas. I sometimes "back them up" with my digital camera but haven't been doing that recently. However I did shoot a roll of regular pictures with a Holga last week which I'll put up when I get them developed.