Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mud Season - Holga

Recently I've taken several rolls of film which I like a lot but....they're pictures of the end of winter and I'm so tired of snow and winter I looked at the photos and put them away. I did take a couple of rolls on a day the snow was finally gone and the sun bright. On of my Holga's has a setting which holds the shutter open for photos at night or low light or in any light. The below photos were taken with fujichrome film which I had cross processed to enhance the color. The first three pictures I took with the normal Holga fast shutter speed and the last two on the setting which kept the shutter open a second longer.

Fallow corn field on my drive to work.

Run on photo of corn fields. I turned the camera 90 degrees for the third shot.

Another run on shot of a corn field. The black objects in the sky are UFOs, ah, just kidding. Pieces of gaffer tape on the lens sounds so dull.

Field, sky & ground. Run on photo.

I took this from my car window as a blue car passed me going in the opposite direction.

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