Friday, May 22, 2009

HOLGA - Torrey Pines - Fiery Photos

The light in the San Diego area is different from the light I'm used to taking pictures in in Vermont. Not only is San Diego located at a more southern latitude than Vermont but it's on the Pacific Ocean and is desert. These three factors combine to make the light much brighter as it reflects off both ocean and desert/sand which means there is less shadow and everything looks flat. This was my second trip using Holga cameras and I'm still learning the best way to take pictures in this area. I shot a roll of slide film which I had cross processed when developed. In Vermont I get bright blue or turquoise enhanced color with red light leaks but in San Diego everything came out fiery orange, red or purple. I think of these as my Mars or Inferno photos.

This run on photo isn't Mars but ocean, beach, dunes, chaparral and ocean again. I like the word chaparral as in Vermont we use the word shrubs which sounds nowhere as romantic as chaparral.

Purple haze and red-orange chaparral.

Run on photo of ocean and beach then ocean and beach on its side.

Looks like a shot from a Japanese monster movie but I don't see one coming out of the ocean.

Last picture on the roll. Vignetting and paper from beyond the end of the film. Typical Holga.

After spending a couple of hours taking pictures in the bright sun I was ready for a delicious burger from In N Out Burger.


YTSL said...

Great series of "Inferno" photos. Like the "Japanese monster movie" photo. Also, wow, those burger prices look very reasonable!!!

sbk said...

Thanks ytsl,

Those burgers are reasonably priced and very tasty as are their fries.