Thursday, May 7, 2009

Palm Trees - San Diego

I like palm trees. I like how different they are from any other trees in Northeast USA. I like the shape of their leaves. I like their kitsch factor. I wonder if I lived where they grow if I would still like them. One morning last week I drove around intending to take photos of them from my car. Alas, San Diego isn't rural Vermont. Too many lanes of traffic and too many cars to safely take photos from my car. So I drove down some side streets, got out of my car and took some pictures. Except for the first photo these pictures were taken on blocks east of Convoy Street where there are a lot of warehouses as I wanted a neutral or sky background for the trees.

Yellow grasses on a hill side. Not palm trees.

Palm tree and clouds.

More palms. There's a Target truck parked by the warehouse in the background.

More palm clusters. I haven't looked up the names for palms.

Palms and an unpalm tree.


palmfun said...

very nice photos...

sbk said...

thank you. I like your palm tree photos too.