Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quilt Shop - San Diego

I was a quilter for many years. I made contemporary quilted wall hangings and very cute clothing for my daughter. I haven't done much in the past few years but still love quilts and quilt shops. Last Sunday in San Diego a friend of my daughter's took us to a wonderful quilt shop which went on and on and on. Of course I looked at everything and oogled over the wonderful 100% cotton fabrics. We had a wonderful time and many thanks to Linda for taking us there.

Notice the look on my non-quilter daughter's face as Linda and I begin serious fabric shopping.

After an hour or so of shopping Linda looks over the fabrics she's selected. As a quilter I know she's thinking "Do I have enough or too many choices". Quilters never have enough fabric.

My daughter discovers the chest of buttons. US $4.00 for a small pail. There's something in this shop for everyone.

I look at Linda's final choices. So many many fabrics to choose from. She's done a good job.

My daughter is ready to check out. Linda and I aren't. Thus the smirk.

It isn't necessary to tap your foot. Linda and I have made our decisions.

Happy shoppers!

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