Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Torrey Pines-A wilderness in San Diego

Yes, as the title says, the Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve is within San Diego's city limits. On my recent trip to San Diego I spent part of a morning walking its trails and thought it must be what the California coast looked like eons ago. The trails were tan dirt, the low vegetation chaparral plants and many of the trees are the rarest native pine tree in the USA, Pinus torreyana, better known as the Torrey pine.

The Torrey pine tree.

One of the switchback trails. The trails are relatively short and except for the steep one down to the beach are easy to walk.

This trail goes closer to the ocean. It's important to stay on the marked trails as there's a problem with erosion.

Cactus plants.

This time of year there is a greater danger from rattlesnakes who don't like to be disturbed. Another reason to stay on the trails.

A view down an older trail to the beach which is now off limits to hikers.

Dramatic landscape caused by erosion.

Closer view of the interesting shapes caused by erosion.

The Pacific Ocean, the marine layer and the sky. The marine layer usually is gone by noon and it's bright sun light for the remainder of the day.

A view looking south along the coast.

Another Torrey pine tree.

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YTSL said...

Very nice hiking photo-essay. It gives me a sense of how it must feel to look at *my* hiking photo-essays from half-way across the world -- among other things, incredulous that there can be such wilderness not so far away from an urban center! :)