Sunday, June 21, 2009

New York Asian Film Festival 2009

This year's New York Asian Film Festival is just as exciting and fun as their other festivals I've attended. Every year they outdo themselves with their selection of Asian movies and the Asian industry people (directors, stars, etc) they bring to New York. This was just the first weekend so I say if you live within striking distance of New York (I don't but I went anyway) and like Asian movies drive, fly, take the bus, run, swim- just get yourself there.

The festival is held at the IFC Center. I wish their marquee gave the NY Asian Film Fest top billing. However the theater is nice, the staff helpful, the popcorn good and the bathrooms are clean. A good place to be if you're watching seven movies in two days as I did.

The outdoor info table has lots of stuff (NYAFF related literature) and helpful people to answer you questions. (Yes, you have to buy a ticket to use the bathrooms.) A woman in blue approaches the info table....

She looks over the stuff (NYAFF literature) as a helpful festival person talks with her.

She's still looking so must be interested in Asian movies.

Oh good, she's reading the brochure as she approaches the ticket counter.

Inside the theater someone has drawn old fashioned like ads for the movies. Such fun to see.

More to come: Comments on the movies viewed, people seen and what they said.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Yes, a movie post from you!

Okay, so what did you see?

The play-by-play was funny.

sbk said...

Hi Glenn

Thanks for your comments. I'm writing up comments on the movies I saw and will post them in the next day or two.