Saturday, June 13, 2009

Small Town Festivities - Holga

The small town I live in holds a "town wide yard sale"at the beginning of June. The first few years it was a real yard sale with old and new stuff put out for sale. Over the years it's evolved into a craft, etc sale. The "etc" this year were a lot of plants. Hot dogs, hamburgers and barbecued chicken are sold too.

Adirondack chairs are usually made of wood and painted white or green. I was surprised to see them in bright red and yellow. Even more surprising.... the Adirondack chairs were made of...... plastic....... I would like a red one......

Lots of plants for sale this year.

The local Stewarts ( convenient market in our area) sold grilled hot dogs and hamburgers in the parking lot in front of their store. I stopped for a cheeseburger (US$2) this year. Very tasty with onions, relish and ketchup.

Every year the Rotary Club barbecues chicken and more chicken and more chicken. Yummy.

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YTSL said...

What fun it must be! Loved checking out yard and garage sales when I was in the US!! And craft markets elsewhere. So a combo of those -- with hot dogs, etc. -- sounds very appealing indeed!