Friday, June 5, 2009

Small Town - Holga

More holga photos which I took last week when the sun was out. It's been cloudy, cool and rainy here so when the sun shines I dash out, hurry down the street and snap pictures.

Hermit Hills Books. A wonderful used, rare and antiquarian bookstore which I featured in an previous blog. Those photos were taken with a digital and the above photo with my Holga.

Our local hardware store has plants for sale this time of year... and silly lawn ornaments like the orange bird.

Steeple of the Methodist church.

The Trolley Shop serves delicious garlic french fries topped with chopped scallions. So yummy.

Buildings around town and my green crocs which I like to wear on my days off as the color is bright and cheerful.

The old train depot now sells handmade gifts and is home to Pampered Paws, a doggie store.

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