Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Torrey Pines - Black & White - Holga

While on vacation in San Diego I wanted to use a variety of film and digital photos to get different looks of the same place. Torrey Pines with it's chaparral, trees, trails and ocean views seemed like a good place to do this. Below are some black and white photos I took with expired film.

Torrey pine tree and chaparral or bushes as we call them in Vermont....

Top of a Torrey pine tree. The winds blowing off the ocean help shape it.


Ocean view. It's too dangerous to walk close to the edge of the cliff.

Bird soaring above the Reserve and water.

A group of school kids listening to a lecture. Several of us who were hiking stopped and listened too.

Another view over the cliff (sand) to the ocean below.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Those look like possible album covers for old 4AD band, Red House Painters.

Black-and-white adds that ghostly element. Or was it the camera?

sbk said...

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your comments. I think the ghostly element is a combination of the Holga camera with it plastic lens and no focus (though there is a dial that turns) plus the expired film.