Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Brief Sunny Morning - Holga

Another week of rainy days. My Holgas sit on a table and I no longer wait for a sunny summer day but an hour or two of sunshine. Last Saturday at 10:48 AM I saw the sun so grabbed a couple of Holgas, jumped in my car and drove down the main street. After a quick look up at the gray clouds approaching from the Southeast I saw sunlight still shining on the local college campus so pulled into a visitor parking space, leapt out of the car and start taking pictures. By 11:17 AM the clouds had rolled in and I'd shot only one roll of film.

What a great place to sit and read a book.

A run on photo of a local bed and breakfast. A light leak illuminates the turret in the center of the photo.

The Victorian house looks very inviting as a bed and breakfast.

A large kaleidoscope on the local college campus. It has glass pieces and levers which move it around.

An older building now used as an art gallery on the college campus.

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