Friday, July 31, 2009

Montreal Summer 2009 - Holga

Montreal is a fun summer city. This visit I pursued my interest in "run on" Holga photos. I also used a piece of almost clear strapping tape as a mask. Some of the lines of the tape can been seen in parts of the photos. As we were there to attend Fantasia Festival I took pictures while waiting for the next movie to begin. What that means in reality is my husband stood in line for the next movie and I walked around the block, took pictures, then rejoined him as the line began to move into the theater.

A "run on" photo of women walking along the street and our entering Montreal from the southern shore.

Trees and the tops of buildings around Concordia University where Fantasia Festival is held.

The area around Concordia University is under construction as seen in the top of the above photo. I took this photo on a Friday afternoon when there weren't a lot of people around.

Taken out the car window. Concordia Hall Theatre the larger venue for Fantasia Fest films. We've waited in line along the sunny side of the building for many many movies. I took the photo at 10:45 on a Friday morning, still too early to line up for the 1 o'clock movie.

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