Friday, July 24, 2009


Coming home from New York Wednesday evening on the train I noticed an interesting effect made by the setting sun. For under a minute the sun light reflecting off the blue train seats, the overhead recessed train lights and the reflections in the train windows combined to create a shadowy look in the train car.

The scenic train ride from New York's Penn Station to Albany/Rensselaer travels along the Hudson River and travelers can watch the sun set over the hills (small mountains) across the river.

The effect created lasted such a short time it was over almost before it began.

I quicky snapped three shots from my seat and by the time I stood up to take more photos the the effect was gone.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

So cool that you captured a fleeting effect for posterity. :)

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

thanks. I love that color blue too.