Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summertime - Holga

It's rained everyday for the past three weeks. So when the sun comes out I pick up a holga camera and run outside and snap away. Some days I don't get too far (like across the street) before the clouds roll in again. There's an old conifer tree not too far from my side door so one day I ran up to it, stood against it and took some pictures.

I like this old tree with its spindly branches.

Run on photos taken at the base of the tree and then standing back from it.

I like how green and lush looking the maple trees are here in Vermont.


YTSL said...

It's been raining lots here too! So much that, stressed with work this past week, I decided to do something I never would have thought I'd voluntarily do -- i.e., go hiking (or walking -- since it was on paved road even while in a country park!) in the rain!!!

sbk said...

Wow, hiking in the rain. Did you take your camera and if so hope you'll post some "rainy pictures".

YTSL said...

Hi again sbk --

Yep, I took my camera but the rain was pouring so hard, I put it in a plastic bag and only took it out when it stopped raining!

Overall, it was the hike with the strangest weather I knew - with heavy rain alternating with bright sunshine and gusty windy spells... oh, and when I returned to my apartment and checked the weather page, I found that for much of the hike, typhoon signal number 3 had been raised! ;b