Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America & the Sea - Holga

The weather was perfect the day we visited Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America & the Sea so I was able to shoot several rolls of film with my Holga cameras. I shot fujichrome film which I had cross processed and I used a mask of 3M Scotch Packing Tape which looks clear but isn't so adds texture to my over-lapping photos.

A double exposure of the mast of the sailing ship the Joseph Conrad. Built in 1852 in Denmark this ship's name was later changed to that of the famous Polish born British novelist Joseph Conrad who wrote many seafaring novels. Today he's probably best known for Heart of Darknes which the 1977 film Apocalypse Now is adapted from.

The Museum has a collection of figureheads and other seafaring carvings. The Musuem is dark with diffused light focused on the figureheads. I think this looks more like a photo of a painting rather than a three dimensional carved figure.

A view across the Mystic River and the Northern end of the Seaport. The Seaport Museum is a recreation of a 19th Century fishing village.

A Clam Shed. Unfortunately no clams were for sale in the shed but I did have a lobster roll for lunch at one of the Seaport restaurants.

A view from a dock looking towards the Southern end of the Seaport.

What fishing village is complete without lobster traps.

Another figurehead or figureheads.

Buildings where lobster traps and smaller boats were stored. We enjoyed our day wandering around the Seaport. Highly recommend as a place to visit with kids. The Museum is located on the Mystic River in Southeast Connecticut, USA.

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YTSL said...

Great pics. And yum at the thought of your lobster roll. Have never had one but Linda Fairstein's descriptions of them have me wishing I could try a bona fide New England one! ;b