Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rural Living-Chickens - Holga

Chickens are a popular animal to have here in rural Vermont. Many friends have chickens and sell 'farm fresh eggs'. Chickens are fun to watch so I took some photos of them at a friend's house.

The newer Holgas come with a B "bulb" & N "normal" mode. The B mode allows one to hold the shutter open for longer periods of time and the N mode is the famous fast Holga shutter. I've been trying out the B "bulb" mode on cloudy days and experimenting with different shutter times. In these photos I used Fujichrome which I had cross processed thus the green color. I also used 2" 3M tape as a mask.

Chickens chickens everywhere in the yard.

A over lapping photo with an old VW van at the bottom of the photo.

A plastic bucket in the center of the photo, chickens running around and a bench.

Chickens running around in the yard next to a small barn.

Flowers next to the small barn in this over lapping photo.

Chickens "up close and personal".

The hen house while the chicken were out playing.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

That first shot under the green light made me think of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre for some reason -- the scene with the chicken shoved into the birdcage!

Beautiful but disturbing!

sbk said...

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your comments. Someone else said "Yum, irradiated poultry."