Saturday, September 26, 2009

Volkswagens Arrive - Holga

Early one morning I noticed new cars had arrived at a local VW dealership. First I noticed how bright white they were and then realized they were encased in something white with the windows left partially uncovered which gave them a slightly science fiction look.

I grabbed my Holga which was loaded with expired black and white film. I thought black and white photos would add to the science fiction appearance of the cars. The cars were so well wrapped I couldn't tell what color they were though I did read the paperwork on the dashboards which listed them as Jettas. The white fabric was coated with plastic so it was pliable enough to fit the contours of the vehicles and protect them.

All morning I thought up corny questions to ask the folks at the dealership. "Will you unwrap a car and then rewrap it with me in it so I can test drive it?" "If I buy a Jetta will you wrap it to go?" "Do you have other colors to wrap the Jettas?"

Is this look futuristic or retro?

From the back. The VW logos look cool.

Even the side mirrors and hub caps are covered up.

A double exposure of wrapped and unwrapped Volkswagens.


YTSL said...

The black and white look of the photos looks pretty good to me. :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Cool photos!
I'll take a bug all wrapped up.