Sunday, October 11, 2009

Abandoned Gas Station- Holga

Last year my friend ytsl at Webs of Significance included some photos of abandoned buildings (scroll down) in a photo blog. One photo in which the inhabitants seemed to have left leaving everything including personal belongings stayed in my mind. I then started looking at abandoned buildings online. There are many many websites. Who knew these photographs were so popular. One favorite is Artificial Owl-"the most fascinating abandoned man-made creations". Another, Metropolis, "Japan's No. 1 English Magazine" includes a travel subsection on abandoned buildings. I found an abandoned gas station which I photographed with my Holga, red light leaks included.

Abandoned gas station.

The vegetation in the glass isn't a reflection but actual greenery growing inside the station.

Many photos I've seen online include photos of the inside of buildings. This gas station is posted to keep trespassers out. Since I'm reluctant (afraid) to enter abandoned buildings I was happy to obey this sign.

Another shot of the gas station.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Nice pics! The abandoned buildings that often fascinate me the most are those that look like with next to little repair, they could be inhabited again. They get me wondering why the buildings were abandoned -- and, I have to admit, often thinking "what a waste"!

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,


There's another abandoned building I'll feature later that our whole family stood in front of and talked about what it would take to make it livable again. It would be a great artist's studio and living area.