Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Convention - HOLGA

Recently I attended the New England Independant Booksellers Convention in Hartford, Connecticut. Of course I took my Holga camera and took pictures on the bulb mode setting. This means without a tripod and flash I counted 1, 2, 3, 4, etc until I thought (hoped) I'd taken a good photo. I do think these photos are more interesting than if I had just taken pictures with a digital camera. This was a very worthwhile conference to attend for those of us who sell books!

At the awards banquet. That's Geraldine Brooks standing in the top of the photo. She received an award for her wonderful novel PEOPLE OF THE BOOK.

Geraldine sitting at her table. Am I shallow? Did I ask the Pulitzer Award winning author a question about one of her books? No, I asked her about the beautifully embroidered coat dress she was wearing.

The Marriott Hotel which hosted the gathering had wonderful carpets.

Another wonderful colorful carpet at an interesting panel discussion.

A colleague, our man on the scene, at a panel discussion.

Another panel. A run on photo with feet and...what can I say.....mind's creative thoughts???

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