Monday, November 23, 2009

Dusk in Tokyo

Usually I watch dusk turn to dark on my drive home from work as I pass by fields, mountains and tiny villages. In Vermont there's very little artifical light to compete with the sky as it changes color. This was different in Tokyo where I excitedly ran around one late afternoon taking photos of buildings and patches of dusk.

Taken from the window of the MOMA store. The yellow sign with the orange letters is Tower Records in Shibuya.

People, buildings, electrical wires, lights and a beautiful sky seen on a side street near Omotesando.

All my running around made me thirsty so I stopped at a vending machine for a drink.

At one point the sky turned a beautiful sapphire blue.......

then became drab purple and the streets lights seemed brighter. Soon it was dark.

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Glenn, kenixfan said...

Nice! I am also reminded that while Tower Records went out of business everywhere else in the world, in Japan it still exists.