Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting There and Lunch

On a recent Sunday during my visit to Japan we took a JR Train from Tokyo's Shinjuku Station past Yokohama and Kamakura to the end of the line at Kurihama. We then took the Tokyo Bay Ferry across to Kanaya. At Kanaya, on Chiba's Boso Peninsula, we stopped for lunch before taking the ropeway to Nokogiri-Yama (Saw Mountain).

We left Kurihama behind as we took the forty minute ferry ride across Tokyo Bay to Kanaya.

Seagulls and one big bird of prey followed the boat across the bay.

After getting off the ferry we stopped at the Bay Side Fresh Market Place.

The pastel colored marketplace contained an array of fish, fish related products and souvenirs.

Everyone, ourselves included, had fun looking at all the goods for sale.

We decided to stop for lunch before we ventured to the mountain. Everything on the menu looked tasty. It was a wise decision.

A lovely presentation of delicious food.

Notice the chrysanthemum on top. We were served chrysanthemums prepared in different ways several times during my trip.

A visual pause before the next entree.....

Clams and linguini is a favorite dish of mine at home so I decided to try what looked like a Japanese version. Delicious.

The clam dish came with a small salad and roll.

Next up - our visit to Nokogiri-yama.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Nice! I like the color scheme on that plate! A bit overwhelming but tasty looking as well!

YTSL said...

Nice photo-essay, sbk -- one that shows that supposedly mundane activities like the trip to a place and meals can be wonderful experiences to savor by themselves.

Re your meal: OMG, that first course was just a first course? That would have been a meal in itself for me! And what a meal -- I looooooooooove ikura!

sbk said...


Thanks. The food was wonderful to look at and actually not too overwhelming as it was "light" as compared to USA food.


Thanks, I've become a big believer that getting somewhere can almost be as fun/important as being there-especially in Japan where my language ability is so limited.

sbk said...

hi again ytsl,

the entrees were for two of us not just me alone.

YTSL said...

Hi again sbk --

"the entrees were for two of us not just me alone..."

Aaah, that explains it. Though I have to say it'd be VERY hard, if not impossible indeed, to get me to share my plate/bowl of ikura (yum, yum, yum!) with anybody! :D