Friday, November 27, 2009

Holga - Shinjuku Southern Terrace Lights

Across the road from the South Exit of Tokyo's Shinjuku Train station trees along a pedestrian walk are covered with white or blue lights which look spectacular at night. We had fun taking Holga photos of the area.

People and blue trees.

Other people taking photos. The building in the background is part of the Takashimaya shopping complex.

A run on photo of a tree with blue lights and an advertisement for the restaurant behind it.

Shinjuku '09 - '10 Southern Lights.

Another shot of Shinjuku '09 - '10 Southern Lights.

The lights gave off enough light to take Holga photos at night.

Blue lights. Double exposure.

Blue lights with store signs in the background.

A run on photo of blue lights on trees and the Shinjuku '09 - '10 Southern Lights sign.

A run on shot of blue trees and our train ride home.

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