Saturday, December 5, 2009

Japanese Souvenirs

As this was my third trip to Japan I found myself buying less and buying smaller objects as mementos of my vacation. While not an avid Hello Kitty fan I did find myself coming home with a couple of Hello Kitty items I really like.

What better than a large Hello Kitty bag to use to carry groceries and books.

A closer view of Hello Kitty's many guises which was given to me as a gift in the seaside town of Matsushima. And I've received several "how cool" comments from both men and women here at home in Vermont.

Hello Kitty in a plastic wooden barrel with purple eggplants. We ate pickled eggplant as a small side dish several times during my visit. This Hello Kitty ornament has a strap which is used to attach it to a cellphone or keitai. There are all kinds of things available to put on or hang from ones phone in Japan.

A small blue leather school bag keitai strap which I hung on a lucky bamboo plant. The school bag is made of leather. I like keitai straps as souvenirs as they're small and not expensive yet remind me of my trips.

A Totoro keitai strap I purchased on an earlier trip to Japan.

And one from the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. Most of the keitai straps I have are made of plastic and some I hang on plants and the rest I hang from my purse where the strap is attached to the bag itself. Many straps like the Hello Kitty in the pickle barrel have small bells so people hear me coming.

This buckwheat filled Totoro pillow was the the largest in size of my purchases on my most recent Japan trip.


YTSL said...

Ooooooo, kawaii-neh!!!

Re the Hello Kitty with eggplant: get the feeling it's one of those "only available in X district of Japan" ones. So very exclusive!

Re the Totoro pillow: I hope you do use it from time to time! ;b

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Yes, they are so kawaii!!!

Now when I'm in stores in different places in Japan or even Tokyo I look for areas that have small kawaii items. I've discovered a large variety of tie-in products. I did purchase a couple of JRLine railway items for friends.