Saturday, January 23, 2010

Holga - Restaurant on Main Street

This lovely older house is in the commerical area of the small town where I live. It's surrounded by a bank, real estate offices, the post office and a snack shop. It's also used commerically as a restaurant which serves the best ever garlic french fries and other tasty food. Before that it was a private home with a beauty shop in part of the lower floor. I like how it's retained it look as a house even though it's a business.

A runon photo of the side of the house. The white side porch has chairs and an old wooden wheel barrel so who would think this is the entrance to the kitchen area of the restaurant.

Icicles hanging off the side porch. Notice the lace curtains in the windows.

A triple exposure of the side of the house.

Snowy driveway.

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Sara said...

Terrific photos! I think the first one is my favorite of the bunch.