Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Snow - Part 2

Yesterday's early morning snowfall and 'draping' of the trees by was gone by 10:30 AM so I was glad I'd gone out early with my cameras. Friday I'd cleaned up the area where I keep my cameras and photo paraphernalia and found some colored Holga lenses which I'd been looking for. I took a blue lens with me on my second outing of the morning with my digital and Holga cameras. The Holga shots are being developed this week. The digital ones are here. I quite like the enhanced photos while my husband prefers the natural photos.

The lovely former Stonebridge Inn now a public building.

Water and ice covered with recently fallen snow.

Fluffy snow on bush branches along a local stream.

A snowy morning. The local stream is not usually this rapid. Using the blue lens, the rushing water and the white snow remind me of Japanese kasuri fabrics.

Another view of the local stream.

Fungus growing on a tree


Close up of bridge over the stream.

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