Thursday, February 18, 2010

New York - February Reflections

Usually I take pictures with my Holga and have the film developed which takes several days. On my recent trip to New York I took both Holga and digital photos. The nice thing about digital is the instant gratification of immediately viewing one's pictures. When I viewed my first photo with a reflection in it my inclination was to delete it. As I looked at it I thought well, this is more interesting with the reflection let's see if there are other photos with reflections and how they look.

First reflection photo.

Idlewild Books is a great travel and literature in translation bookstore on the second floor of a building on West 19th near 5th Avenue. The front of the store has wonderful windows which overlook the street. I took this photo in the late afternoon.

New York had had a major snow storm two days before I was there. I liked the unremoved snow and the reflection of trees in the rear window of the VW Gulf.

In this photo I like the contrast of the reflection in the glass of the bulletin board with the surrounding stones. This Roman Catholic Church is in Chinatown and as one can see services are offered in English and two Chinese dialects. I was told the priest was of Italian heritage and he conducted services in both English and Cantonese. I wasn't quick enough to ask who conducted the Mandarin services. But, hey, I was busy taking photos.


Sara said...

Very cool. I think the first one is my favorite this time.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Am glad you didn't delete that first photo. It's a good one. :)

sbk said...

Hi Sara & Yvonne,

Thanks for you comments and I agree with both of you. The first photo is my favorite and a good one. I'm hestiant to delete photos when viewed on my camera so usually wait until they're on my computer.