Sunday, March 7, 2010

HOLGA - Here & There

Here are a few Holga photos I recently took. There are a couple of shots for each theme but not enough for an entire blog so I decided to put them together as a Here & There blog entry.

New York. Taken from my 32nd Street hotel room window looking west toward Broadway. My 16th floor room was in the middle of the hotel. I used Fujichrome film which I had crossed processed when developed thus the intense green color.

A similar shot but this time taken with 400 Fujifilm.

A run on photo taken in New York's Chinatown the day before the beginning of Chinese New Year.

Another run on photo. The left side taken in NYC's Chinatown and the right side taken a week later in Vermont. I like the urban and rural contrast in the same photo.

Vermont. A run on photo using a blue then green lens and taken after a recent snow storm.

At the end of this roll of film using a blue lens I managed to squeeze in another photo.

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