Saturday, March 6, 2010

HOLGA - Trees & Footprints

We've had so little snow this winter that visually I think of this winter as frozen mud season. Dead tan vegetation sticking up through a few inches of snow has become monotonous to me. I'd bought some expired black and white film some time ago and decided to take some photos as shades of gray are, at this point, more interesting to me than tan.

Walking around town one day I noticed there were lots of footprints frozen onto the sidewalks and ground. So I took runon photos with foot prints and trees then foot prints and a church, etc.

Foot prints and the local Roman Catholic Church.

Local signs. I like this grouping of signs and usually photograph it once every season usually in color.

Foot prints/ tire tracks and tire tracks/ footprints.

Trees and trees in this runon photo.

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Sara said...

Wow. I absolutely love these—such a striking effect. Really nicely done!