Thursday, March 18, 2010

Low Clouds and Abandoned Snack Bar

Last fall I took some Holga photos and wrote about an abandoned gas station I sometimes drive by. The gas station was part of a "mini plaza" to use the term loosely. There's an abandoned snack bar near the gas station which didn't weather the winter too well so I stopped the other day and took some photos with my digital camera. There are several abandoned buildings along this stretch of road which I was told were owned by one person and whose heirs are now fighting over the land I presume as the the buildings badly deteriorated. It's a good photo opportunity for those interested in abandoned buildings and I sometimes see people taking photos.

The clouds were very low this particular morning.

During the winter the roof collapsed on Flory's Snack Bar.

Wow, the left side of the roof really fell down.

A side view of the snack bar. Painted on the side is 49 cent hamburgers, ft (foot) long hot dogs.

A view of the "mini plaza". From left to right: the gas station, a white building (I can't remember what it was used for) and the snack bar. The entrances to the "mini plaza" are blocked by big rusting plows (as in the plows that fit on big trucks that clear the roads of snow in winter). If one wants you can still drive around the plows and park in front of these buildings.

A much older abandoned shack behind the snack bar. The shack so blends
into the surrounding vegetation I almost didn't see it. I was tempted to take a closer
look but while I like the photos of the buildings I find being there creepy.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Did you ever stop and eat at that snack bar before it got abandoned? Re that shack: One's imaginations threatens to run wild with that one... ;b

sbk said...

No, I never ate at the snack bar. I always thought it looked a little dodgey. At first I thought the shack was a fancy outhouse but then I took a closer look....