Friday, April 2, 2010


There are many flickr groups in several languages for blurred photos. After all who doesn't take an out of focus photo which looks blurry. Some look interesting. I wondered how easy/difficult it was to purposely take a blurry photo that's interesting without changing the settings on my digital camera. This afternoon I found out it's harder than I thought. Next time I'll change the settings on my camera. Or maybe I'll just continue to be happy with my accidental blurry pictures which happen to look good.

I took this photo holding my camera towards the sky and snapping shots as I walked. It reminds me of blue and white porcelain or a textile technique like ikat or kasuri

Close up photo taken in a wooded area.

Taken in the same place as the above photo but moving the camera side to side. Notice how the thin branches look like pieces of tape in this photo.

I moved the camera slowly side to side and snapped this photo.

Same place as the above photo. I moved the camera very quickly side to side for this shot.

For this shot I moved the camera diagonally up and down as I walked along.

Faster diagonal movement of the camera as I walked along.

My camera was pointed up and moved in a circle for this shot.

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