Saturday, April 3, 2010


This big red building commands attention because of its bright color and interesting architecture. I took these photos on a bright sunny winter morning.

A run on photo of the back of the building. Only three windows (one on each floor) on the back of the building.

One side of the building has a turret beginning on the second floor which goes around to the front of the building.

End of the roll of film and another view of the back of the building from a side street.

Side of the red building whose ground floor is a restaurant.

A view of the corner the building is on.

A run on photo of the building, Sweeny Todds (a terrific hair salon) and the back of the building again.


Anonymous said...

Cool photos! I really like these. There's a nice play of lines, made even more interesting by the double exposure.

sbk said...

hi duriandave,

Thanks. I do enjoy taking photos with my Holga camera and the unexpected photos that I take.