Thursday, April 8, 2010

Japan 2009

For several evenings this week I've been sorting through photographs both old and new. Here are a few I took in Japan last November that I think are fun.

Oops, the photographer's foot is in the photo.

Umbrella shop in Kamakura-early evening.

Heart light(s) fixture outside Takashimaya in Shinjuku. There are two lights-pink & white-inside each individual light. There was a button on a post which allowed one to change the color of the light to pink, white or pink and white. Both lights are on in this photo.

Bird on the wire. Do you think Leonard Cohen had a crow in mind when he wrote the song?

Garage door in Tokyo.

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YTSL said...

Interesting subject matter and photos. The heart light fixtures remind me of Asian peaches... :)