Monday, May 31, 2010


This past weekend we visited Chautauqua Institution for a family wedding. The Institution is located on Lake Chautauqua in Western New York State about 75 miles west and south of Buffalo, New York. Founded in 1874 Chautauqua Institution is now a gated summer community and educational/cultural center.

A well maintained late Victorian cottage with some gingerbread trim is typical of the summer homes in Chautauqua.

Another summer place.

A smaller cottage.

A cottage still covered in its "winter coat". Many of the summer places are covered/draped/encased in these "tents" to protect their gingerbread architectural details from the very cold and snowy winters. The owners of this place thought to tape where the front door is and add the house number. The season here begins in late June so several cottages were still covered this past weekend.

Another place added plastic windows.

Part of a door seen through a plastic window.

The Anthenaeum Hotel where we stayed this past weekend. This 160 room hotel was built in 1881 and the front porch is 200 feet long and the columns are 30 feet high. (Wikepedia photo) It was fun to sit in the rocking chairs and look at the lake.

The open air Hall of Philosophy where the wedding was held. Wikipedia photo so please subtract the people and picture us inside dressed for a formal late afternoon wedding.

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YTSL said...

Woah, sbk -- it all looks pretty ritzy -- especially the hotel you stayed in! :O ;b