Friday, May 7, 2010

Yeah Spring

This spring's weather discussions which I've heard are about how early everything is happening. Yes, people agree, it's early but how early-two weeks in one location, three weeks in another location and if you live up in the mountains things are "almost a week early". No matter the timetable everyone is happy with the warmer weather and new growth.

Last Thursday.

This Thursday.

Last evening (this Thursday) taken during a windy period just before it rained. I like how the leaves kind of close up before rain. The leaves on this Japanese maple first are a dark copper color which quickly changes to green.

What I like about the leaves changing color is that they first remind me of fall and then suddenly they're green.

Last evening the fading sunlight on the leaves shows they're already beginning to turn green.


YTSL said...

So it's finally spring in Vermont? Here in Hong Kong, alas, it might be already summer -- i.e., hot, humid and stormy! ;D

sbk said...

Yes, it's finally spring. Thunderstorms too. Do you not hike because of too hot, humid weather? If so for how long?

YTSL said...

Hi again sbk --

When it rains or rain is predicted, I don't hike. When it's too humid as well as hot, it's hard to hike too. To give you an idea, last year, I didn't hike even once the whole month of June and in July, one of the two hikes I went on turned out to be while Typhoon Signal 3 was hoisted! ;S