Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The summer cottages at Chautauqua Institution were fun to photograph with my Holga camera. In a previous post I put up pictures we (myself and various family members..who took what photo is being debated as I kept grabbing the digital camera for "another shot") took. One summer during my college years I worked at Chautauqua so I knew I'd have fun there with my Holgas...and I did.

Lots of very green ferns.

Many colorful rhododendrons were in bloom.

Classic car.

This photo and the next one show the tents people put on parts of their summer cottages to protect them from the winter weather. Chautauqua Institution is located 14 miles South of Lake Erie which is the most shallow of the Great Lakes. Once Lake Erie freezes the areas south of it don't get the large amounts of lake effect snow other places receive. However Chautauqua receives enough winter weather to justify the tents.

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