Friday, June 4, 2010


Sometimes it's difficult to take Holga photos in the woods because the leaves on the trees, maples especially, block too much of the light my plastic lens, low light camera needs. It was very sunny one afternoon so I decided to "stand in the light" (no, not a religious light..) and see what came out.

Looking toward the sky with red light leak.

Overlapping ground and sky with trees and a red light leak.

A lone dandelion.

Overlapping trees and leaves.

da woods.


Anonymous said...

Hi sbk! I really like that second photo. The red light is a nice complement to the green foliage and blue sky.

Does your Holga always leak light, or is that something you can control to some extent?

sbk said...

Hi duriandave,

Holgas being inexpensive plastic cameras often have light leaks. The back of the camera doesn't always fit tightly,etc.

Many Holga owners tape the seams of the camera. Theatrical gaffer tape (now comes in color) is good as it stays on but also easily comes off. I go through times when I like the red light leaks and then don't like them.

The newer Holgas (also come in color now) are supposed to be tighter but aren't totally. I have experimented with partially taped cameras and now know approximately where the light leak(s) will be.

Also, even being the mass produced cheap plastic cameras they are, each one is slightly different. Part of the fun of the camera.