Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Montreal - Bonaventure Metro Station

Living in a rural area I'm always eager to take public transportation when in metropolitan areas. On our recent trip to Montreal I headed for the Metro. One of my favorite stations is the Bonventure Metro Station located under Place Bonaventure. It's very plain when compared to other stations which have festive art on their walls. Bonaventure is rather dark and grey with its poured concrete walls and slightly Mackintosh style lighting fixtures.

A simple sign on the outer wall of Place Bonaventure.

Once inside the station there are signs everywhere as this station connects to two train (gare) stations, buses, major avenues and underground shopping areas.

In fact not only can one access two train stations but one can also via the underground shopping malls walk from the Bonaventure Metro Station on the Orange Line to the McGill Metro Station on the Green Line. A very nice walk past stores and food courts in both hot summer and frigid winter weather.

Inside the Bonaventure Metro Station.

Lots of overhead lights.

A closer view of the lights.

An elevator in the right side of the photos goes down to the platform for those who need to use one.


Train on the right side pulling into the station.

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YTSL said...

Woah, gray indeed, sbk. I must admit that I prefer my stations to be more colorful -- and cheery! (So, yeah, thank goodness that I live in Hong Kong, right?) ;S