Monday, August 9, 2010

Fantasia Festival - The End (for this year)

Fantasia Festival is over and we're already looking forward to attending again next year. For about twelve years this has been one of the high points of summer. Always lots of excellent movie choices to see with an enthusiastic audience. Plus Montreal is a wonderful city to visit.

Yeah Fantasia.

People waiting in line for another day of watching movies.

A Holga shot of an attendee having a bite to eat between movies.

A scene from The Housemaid.

The Housemaid. 1960. South Korea. Black & White. A domestic melodrama with almost surreal sets and plot with a wink wink to the audience at the end. Supposedly one of the three best Korean movies of all time. What? The movie is neither surreal nor straight forward melodrama so by the end I was annoyed.

Frozen Flower. 2008. South Korea. I totally enjoyed this movie on DVD and loved it "on the big screen". A beautifully written, acted and filmed historical drama with a homosexual theme. One of my favorite films seen at this year's festival. This and The Message were my top choices.

Woochi : The Taoist Wizard. 2009 South Korea. An action comedy with a sassy young wizard who thinks he knows it all and does know a lot. Much flying around with a slightly nonsensical plot which goes back and forth in time. My husband thought it was silly while I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Nice shots -- and I have to say that the Holga one in particular is arresting...

Re "Frozen Flower": was somewhat miffed that when it was shown in cinemas in Hong Kong, it was shown without English subtitles. I wonder what was behind this surprising decision... :S

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Thank you.

Can't imagine why FROZEN FLOWER was shown in Hong Kong without English subtitles. At the Montreal Fantasia Fest showing it showed to an almost sold out audience in their larger theatre (several hundred people).