Friday, August 6, 2010

Montreal - Holga - Pink Umbrellas

Mid afternoon on a July Sunday we were sitting outdoors at pizza joint waiting for our next movie at Fantasia Fest. A friend had suggested an outdoor cafe was a good place to put my holga on my knee and snap pictures as people walked by. So I scooched down and looked through the viewer. The people walking by weren't very interesting but a restaurant across the street caught my attention. I jumped up, grabbed my cameras and as I took off across the street I called to my husband to watch my purse. Later he commented that he wondered how long it would take me to notice the restaurant across the street.

The people opening the cans of coke weren't as interesting as the pink umbrellas across the street.

Wow, what terrific tacky umbrellas. So colorful and tropical looking on a summer afternoon in Montreal.

Green, pink and purple umbrellas.

And look at the wonderful fabric lining the umbrellas.

And each umbrella has a different lining.

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Anonymous said...

Those umbrellas were made for Holga. I love how they match the light leaks.