Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Montreal's Fantasia Festival - Continued

This year our approach to Fantasia Fest was different as we only viewed movies we wanted to see. Usually we fill the gaps in the time between showings with other movies we're so so about. Did we miss out on movies we may have liked. Probably. However I don't think of our experience as one big blur of movies, movies, movies. I'd like to think that by being more selective we took time to "smell the flowers" [ugh!] so to speak. However I really believe we remember what we liked and forget the rest but who knows.

A poster advertising the Festival we saw in several metro stations. The man reminds me of a younger Anthony Wong whom we didn't see in any films here this year.

Yeah Fantasia. Yeah Concordia University where we saw the movies this year.

Mandrill. Chile. 2009. Chile’s awesome action star who does his own stunts. A very James Bondish (1960’s era) film with lots of fun action scenes, pretty girls and devilish going ons. Very entertaining.

Gallants. Hong Kong. 2010. The old kung fu guys get it on again to save the world…..well, not the world but local friends being displaced by ruthless tycoons who want their homes. Clever, touching and fun. Bruce Leung was at Fantasia Fest to talk about the movie and other things…like the Mainland taking back Hong Kong.

Clash. Vietnam. 2009. A rip roaring action flick with a kick ass heroine. And a handsome talented male lead too. Highly enjoyable.

Centurion. United Kingdom. 2010. Wow, we actually attended a major theatrical release at Fantasia . Neil Marshall's film was well done and a highly entertaining movie. Though the plot was predictable I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Anonymous said...

Nowadays, I can only watch two movies a day at a festival. And at home, I often end up watching a movie over two nights!

The Gallants DVD was just released the day I was in HK on my way back home from Malaysia, so I was very happy to pick that up. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

sbk said...

Two movies a day is also what I prefer. At home it often takes me two or three nights to watch a DVD as I tend to fall asleep.

I think you'll like the Gallants as it's well done and has a "lot of heart". Bruce Leung wears a crazy straw cap hat which was fashioned by taking a regular straw hat with a brim and cutting off the brim.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Glad you liked Gallants! What was the crowd for it like? The crowd at the sold out HKIFF screening was very enthusiastic. After the screening, when the stars and directors were being introduced, someone shouted out "Teddy (Robin Kwan), lei ho keng ah"! :b

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

The crowd was very enthusiastic in Montreal too. This year's Festival attendance was 100,000 people for 21 days of movies. People were pleased to see Bruce Leung and he received several rounds of applause, yells, etc. The movie screened in the larger theatre where the audience tends to be more vocal.

YTSL said...

Hi again sbk --

Am glad to learn that there was so much love for "Gallants" at the Montreal fest. :)