Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quick Lunch In Montreal

This year Montreal's Chinatown was bustling with people on a Friday at lunch time. A new dumpling restaurant on Rue St Laurent had a great lunch special which we enjoyed.

Seven choices on the lunch special menu and we only had room for two.

Yummy hand made boiled dumplings with two sauces.

I was so hungry I put both sauces on the dumplings and ate away.


YTSL said...

Yummmm and droool! They look like the dumplings the filmmaker Liu Jiayin and her parents made in the sublime "Oxhide 2"!!! :O

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

They were very yummy and I forgot to mention that my husband had no. 20- Pork & leek & egg & shrimp while I had no. 19- Pork, coriander & shrimp.