Monday, September 13, 2010

Around Town - Part 2

Local High School.

Sumac bush.

Close up of a New England stone fence/wall.

Fire hydrant with red marker. Sometimes in winter snow covers the fire hydrants so the red marker is needed to show their location. After a snow storm the fire department shovels the area around the hydrants.


Anonymous said...

Do tell, what goes on inside The Tiny Theater?

YTSL said...

Interesting views of your town, sbk. Re the fire hydrant marker: woah... I can't even remember there being such in Wisconsin! :O

sbk said...

Hi duriandave,

The Tiny Theater shows movies. There's a small liberal college here so the movies are geared for the college crowd. Also they show b & w classics. The thing is the theater opened just as the college was going on summer break, showed movies part of the summer then closed with a promise to reopen soon. I hope this means sometime this fall. They even have a popcorn machine. I'll take interior shot when they reopen.

hi ytsl,

One evening last winter after a snowstorm I noticed several volunteer firemen with shovels digging out the hydrants. The reason I noticed them was that they also drove around town in one of the big red firetrucks. Usually two guys with shovels drive around in a pickup truck. Small town life :-)